Tech Views — Vol. 3 Mirrors

Are you aware of the major differences between mirrors?


Are you aware of the major differences between mirrors?

"Mirrors? I think they're okay for just seeing what's behind."

This sort of thinking is a big mistake. Riders get many types of information from their mirrors, and all are important.

"All mirrors are pretty much the same, no matter who makes them."

If you believe this, then you're also making a big mistake. Some mirrors are easy to view and some are not, and this can depend on both manufacturer and model.

In this chapter, we'd like to confirm just how particular Honda is about mirror visibility, and come to understand some of the aspects of performance that are not so easily described in catalogs. Aspects of performance that make riding more enjoyable.

As rider and journalist Tsutomu Matsui discovered, "Mirror visibility should also be an important concern when buying a motorcycle."

Mirror Edition


Just being able to see correctly - That's where their value lies. 
Are you aware of the major differences between mirrors?

Mirrors that vibrate or offer poor rearward visibility make riding stressful. Good mirror visibility is an important aspect of performance that contributes to overall riding enjoyment.

User Reviews

We asked Honda riders these questions:
"What do you think of your Honda's mirrors? Are you satisfied? Or dissatisfied?"
What were their answers?

Tsutomu 'Ben' Matsui

Tsutomu 'Ben' Matsui (b. 1963, Tokyo)

Since 1986, motorcycle journalist Tsutomu Matsui has contributed interviews, riding impressions and first-hand race reports to a host of magazines and specialty motorcycle publications. He has also ridden in the Paris-Dakar and Baja 1000 rallies.