Research and Development System

Continually seeking make dreams real. Honda R&D’s mission is to push the limits of technology, in coordination with Honda.

Providing joy to as many people as possible. Honda R&D’s organization realizes Honda’s overall corporate philosophy.

Honda R&D began in 1960 with the separation of the research and development division from Honda. With the goal of realizing Honda’s corporate philosophy of bringing joy to as many people as possible through its products, Honda R&D was established as an independent entity. Honda R&D’s corporate culture is imbued with respect for the individual, emphasizing a research and development system that enables the talents of each engineer to flourish in the pursuit of our ultimate objective of bringing originality and innovation to the technologies and products that it develops.


At Honda R&D, the "R-stage"(research) and the "D-stage"(development) form the process which transforms an idea into a product. The D-stage promotes activities directly related to the creation of products which will satisfy the needs of society and ensure customer satisfaction. Preceding the D-stage, the R-stage involves actively pursuing and evaluating innovative new technologies based on a long-term vision toward completion. These two systems do not function independently of each other—rather, they form an integrated whole, a symbiosis which enables maximum efficiency in product development.

Balanced mutual cooperation leading to unique products


SED refers to the three corporate functions that are vital to Honda's core activities: Sales, Engineering, and Development. This system forms the basis for the product development process, capitalizing on the specific strengths of specialists in each of these spheres, while maintaining close integration among all three groups. This unique combination of individual achievement and mutual cooperation is the unified driving force that propels ideas from development through to production to create products that will please both customers and society as a whole.