Honda R&D - Providing what only Honda can, for people all over the world living with hope of the future, and for a nurturing society and planet.

Defining New Mobility

Developing new mobility for the next generation,

as Honda’s research and development organization.

Since its inception, Honda has had a profound respect for the mobility of life, and the joy it brings. What can Honda uniquely provide for people all over the world living with hope of the future, and for a nurturing society and planet? Honda R&D believes its role is to passionately contribute to the next generation of people, planet and society, by providing new mobility through cutting-edge technological development and research, based on technologies accumulated over half a century. In the 21st century, Honda R&D has begun its challenges in many fields.

Keiji Ohtsu

Good people make great engineers - Soichiro Honda

We envision the future and embody it with our technologies and products.
Our technological capability and strong “initiative” that enables us to do that are cultivated through the development of people, something that has been inherited from our company founder, Mr. Soichiro Honda.

Through fundamental and applied research into new technologies, which creates Honda’s originality and innovation, and through our development of new technology, we will take on challenges that offer new value to realize “carbon neutrality” and “zero traffic collision fatalities” for society, as well as the dreams of our customers. 

Keiji Ohtsu

President and Representative Director


Corporate Objective

As an integral part of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., we supply product designs created by a unique system highly suited to leading-edge research in a wide range of fields. Toward that end, we encourage everyone at Honda R&D to develop their individual ability to its fullest potential.