2011: Advancements of Intelligence Capabilities

Recognizing words simultaneously spoken

Walking while avoiding moving people

Welcoming and leading visitors during task performance

2011: Advancements of Phisical Capabilities

Running at 9 km/h

Hopping on one leg in circular motion

Running at 9 km/h (slow motion)

Hopping on two legs in circular motion

Walking over uneven surface

Kicking a ball

Seamless mode change

Kicking a ball (slow motion)

2011: Improved Task Performing Capabilities 

Introduction in sign language

Opening lid and pouring drink

2007: Multiple Networked ASIMOs' Capability

Coordinated Operation of Multiple ASIMOs (2007 ASIMO)

Connecting to Autonomous Battery Charging System (2007 ASIMO)

ASIMO avoids another ASIMO (2007 ASIMO)

Disconnecting from Autonomous Battery Charging System (2007 ASIMO)

ASIMO avoids person by yielding (2007 ASIMO)

ASIMO avoids a person by detouring (2007 ASIMO)

2005: Improved Functions to Act in Sync with People and Carry Objects

Running at 6km/h (2005 ASIMO)

Exercising (2005 ASIMO)

Avoiding Obstacles (2005 ASIMO)

Running at 6km/h (Slow Motion) (2005 ASIMO)

Slaloming (2005 ASIMO)

IC Tele-Interaction Card (2005 ASIMO)

Comparison of Running Speed (2005 ASIMO)

Turning on the Spot (2005 ASIMO)

Interaction with Positioning  (2005 ASIMO)

Running while Cornering (2005 ASIMO)

Autonomous Continuous Movement (2005 ASIMO)

Interaction with Recognition (2005 ASIMO)

2002: Interpret Human Posture and Gestures and Operate Autonomously

Recognition of moving objects (ASIMO 2002)

Environment recognition (ASIMO 2002)

Recognition of moving objects 2 (ASIMO 2002)

Environment recognition 2 (ASIMO 2002)

Posture Recognition (ASIMO 2002)

Sound recognition (ASIMO 2002)

Gesture recognition (ASIMO 2002)

Face recognition (ASIMO 2002)