History of ASIMO Development



Newly Equipped with World-first Autonomous Behavior Control Technology

ASIMO becomes more autonomous, capable of continuous behavior without human operation. With a greatly enhanced situation adaptive capacity both intelligently and physically, ASIMO moves one step closer to practical use in crowded public spaces and
office environments.



Multiple ASIMOs Can Continuously Provide Services in Environments with Multiple People and ASIMOs

Multiple networked ASIMOs can share each other’s task status, and by assigning tasks in the most efficient way, can operate together effectively. By calculating the distance from each ASIMO to the tasks’ location and considering battery charge, tasks are assigned to each ASIMO to autonomously perform, maximizing overall time efficiency.

New Functions

Collaboration between multiple ASIMOs

Continuous service

More autonomous movement and task performance

Collaborative operation

Crossing paths and evasive movement

Independent self-charging

Multiple ASIMOs acting independently

Multiple ASIMOs acting independently


Functions to pass an oncoming person


Functions to work in collaboration


Independent self-charging functions



Realizing a Humanoid Robot With Highly Integrated Intelligence and Physical Capabilities

Compared to previous versions, the 2005 ASIMO enhanced functions to operate with people, such as holding hands while walking, and carrying objects with a tray or cart. By developing a unified control system that operates these functions, ASIMO could autonomously conduct reception guidance and delivery services. With drastically improved physical capabilities, ASIMO could run at 6km/h and turn while running.

New Functions

Improved communication capabilities

Improved environment recognition while moving

Cart operation

Tray operation

Improved walking

Full body coordination


Holding hands while walking 


Carry objects using a tray


Prevention of spinning and slipping


Cart operation


Holding hands while walking 



Aiming For New Mobility to Coexist and Operate With People

The 2004 ASIMO, aiming to become a new type of mobility that coexists and operates with people, was enhanced with technology allowing it to rapidly recognize real-life situations and quickly operate in response.

New Functions

Speedy movement

Continuous autonomous operation

Movement in sync with people

Human-like running




New ASIMO With Intelligence Technology Announced

The 2002 ASIMO was announced with intelligence technology capable of interpreting postures and gestures of humans and moving autonomously in response. Human interaction technology was extensively advanced to allow ASIMO to greet approaching people, follow people, move in the direction they indicate, and recognize their faces and address them by name. Utilizing the Internet and other networks, ASIMO could provide information while executing tasks such as reception duties.

New Functions

Enhanced communication capabilities through recognition technology

Network integration




ASIMO Announced for Rental Services

For use in ordinary living environments, ASIMO’s walking capabilities were further enhanced, and the system was simplified. ASIMO could navigate ordinary stairs and freely operate in environments with inclines, and specific tasks and guidance scripts suited to the user could be programmed.

New Functions

Improved free movement technology and human interface



ASIMO Becomes Smaller and Lighter with More Advanced “i-WALK” Walking Technology

ASIMO is born in a size that is both capable of operating in a human living environment and is people-friendly, and realizes natural, smooth walking closer to how people walk. ASIMO’s arm movements have also been expanded, while operability is improved with a portable controller.

ASIMO Functions

Compact, lightweight

Further advanced walking technology

Simple operation

Expanded arm movement

People-friendly design


Intelligent Real-Time Flexible Walking = i-WALK

The i-WALK technology features a predicted movement control added to the earlier walking control technology. This new two-legged walking technology permits more flexible walking. As a result, ASIMO now walks more smoothly and more naturally.

Prediction Movement Control

When human beings walk straight ahead and start to turn a corner, before commencing the turn they shift their center of gravity toward the inside of the turn. Thanks to i-WALK technology, ASIMO can predict its next movement in real time and shift its center of gravity in anticipation.


Continuous movement is possible without pauses.

Because continuous flexible walking is possible, ASIMO can move and walk rapidly and smoothly at all times.


In addition to changes in foot placement and turning, the stride (time per step) can be freely changed.

Robots up to the P3 turned according to combinations of stored walking patterns.
ASIMO creates walking patterns in real time and can change foot placement and turning angle at will. As a result, it can walk smoothly in many directions. In addition, because stride (time per step) can also be freely changed, ASIMO's movements are much more natural.