Honda Robocas Concept

Communication Robot of the Future: Connecting People with Smiles

Honda is researching mobility to expand the possibilities of people’s lifestyles, for a future in which people are connected with smiles. The Honda RoboCas Concept, a unique form of electric mobility, was born to make each person’s ideas and dreams come true. On top of a compact mobile body, RoboCas has a carry space which can be easily rearranged. It carries things (or people!) and its use is limited only by the imagination: Open an impromptu cafe during the weekend, or a soup cafe or curry shop. Using Honda’s autonomous mobility technology, RoboCas can follow people in its unique, cute way, bringing happiness and joy to everyone. At the Tokyo Motor Show, RoboCas will put on an entertaining show with lots of music, and help at the Honda booth, to make a visit to the booth a memorable occasion. Come to the Honda booth and see, play, enjoy!

Keisuke Asai

Exterior Designer

Keisuke Asai

In these times, cars are a part of everyday life in developed countries. There are still, however, many people in the world who cannot afford to buy a car. When I was assigned to South East Asia, I often saw scenes such as a family of four, one of them a baby, riding through pounding rain on a motorcycle.

Thinking about these people and their lifestyles, I wondered whether they could save up enough money to someday buy a car, and lead a happy and safe life.

That led me to the idea of a communication robot, one that could enable individuals to start a small business limited only by their imagination, and easily spread their dreams and hobbies.