2005 | Home Energy Station (3rd generation)

2005 | Home Energy Station (3rd generation)

Honda introduced the third generation of its Home Energy Station (HES III) in November 2005.

HES III is roughly 30 percent smaller than its predecessor Home Energy Station with an approximate 25-percent increase in electrical power output. Overall performance increases with more energy-efficient operation, increased hydrogen storage and production capacities, and a faster start-up time of about one minute.

Additionally, hydrogen storage and production capacity are both improved by about 50 percent with the use of a new, high-performance, natural gas reformer. The Home Energy Station is also able to function as a backup power generation system during power outages by using the hydrogen in the storage tank to power the internal fuel cell, providing as much as 5 kilowatts of electrical power to the home in normal and emergency conditions.

Outline of Home Energy Station III

Location: Honda R&D Americas research facility in Los Angeles
System configuration: Reformer, refiner, fuel cells, compressor, high-pressure storage tank
Hydrogen production capacity: Maximum 3Nm3/h
Hydrogen storage capacity: 156L (50Mpa)
Power generation capacity: 5kW
Start-up time: 1 minute
System Configuration