2003 | Home Energy Station (1st generation)

2003 | Home Energy Station (1st generation)
2003 | Home Energy Station (1st generation)

The new Home Energy Station system (HES I) that generates hydrogen from natural gas for use in fuel cell vehicles while supplying electricity and hot water to the home, was jointly developed with Plug Power Inc. and located on the grounds of Honda R&D Americas in Torrance, California in October 2003.

The HES I consists of the following major processes and components:

  • a reformer to extract hydrogen from natural gas;
  • a fuel cell unit to provide power for the overall system that utilizes some of the extracted hydrogen;
  • a refiner to purify the hydrogen;
  • a compressor for pressurizing the extracted hydrogen; and
  • a high pressure tank unit to store the pressurized hydrogen.

Outline of Home Energy Station I

Location: Honda R&D Americas research facility in Los Angeles
System configuration: Reformer, refiner, fuel cells, compressor, high-pressure storage tank
Hydrogen production capacity: Maximum 2Nm3/h*
Hydrogen storage capacity: 132L
Hydrogen storage capacity: 400 L@ 420 atmospheres
  • *N = standard conditions at 0°C, 1 atm
System Configuration