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Evolution of Hydrogen Station

Hydrogen Station Initiatives

Research and Development of Hydrogen Stations to Realize a Society with Sustainable Energy

Honda is conducting demonstration testing of hydrogen stations to locally generate and provide hydrogen using renewable energy from the region.

Since 2001, Honda has been researching and developing hydrogen generation from renewable energy, and in 2010, commenced demonstration testing in Los Angeles, USA, using its more efficient, unique "Power Creator" technology.

In 2012, Honda was commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment to install on Saitama Prefectural Office grounds, Japan's first solar hydrogen station equipped with "Power Creator" technology.

In 2014, Honda began demonstration testing with Iwatani Corporation, Saitama City and Kitakyushu City, on the world's first* Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) that can generate, store and dispense hydrogen in a single package, furthering hydrogen-related technologies aiming to generate hydrogen with zero CO2 emissions.

Following demonstration testing in Tokyo in 2016, Honda began accepting orders for the Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) 70MPa in 2018.

In a partnership with Nippon Steel & Sumikin Pipeline & Engineering (NSPE), Honda manufactures and supplies the Power Creator, the core system of the SHS 70MPa, while NSPE manufactures the hydrogen storage and filling systems, and conducts overall assembly. Honda handles sales and service operations in Japan.

Power Creator: Honda’s Original High-differential-pressure Electrolyzer System Enabling Hydrogen Generation from Renewable Energy

To generate high-pressure hydrogen, conventional methods require mechanical compressors: Power Creator generates high-pressure hydrogen without the need for a compressor.

This reduces the energy needed for high-pressure electrolysis, enabling hydrogen generation powered by renewable energy such as solar power.

Through miniaturization and quiet operation, Honda has achieved a readily installable SHS package that can generate, store, and dispense hydrogen.

Hydrogen Station

Honda strives to bring the joy of expanding possibilities in everyone's lives, and by combining "create, consume, connect" technologies, to produce and use energy locally, and expand activities to realize a carbon-free society.