CES 2019

Honda Xcelerator

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with satellites in Detroit, Boston, Canada, Europe, Israel, China and Japan, Honda Xcelerator is an open innovation program for innovators across all funding stages who seek to collaborate with Honda and create transformative new technologies and businesses. Honda created the program to engage innovators in an open and supportive environment. Honda Xcelerator offers funding for rapid prototyping, collaborative workspaces, pairing with Honda mentors.

At CES 2019, Honda Xcelerator will highlight its collaborations with startups Noveto Systems and Perceptive Automata.


Perceptive Automata

Perceptive Automata is a Massachusetts-based startup, developing autonomous systems to predict human behavior through real-time analysis of information obtained from onboard cameras so drivers can navigate safely around pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers. The company aims to develop safe and smooth autonomous system technology.

Noveto Systems

Noveto Systems is an Israel-based startup. Noveto's 3D audio technology uses directional speakers–developed independently by Noveto–to give the driver audio notifications about situations surrounding the vehicle. This technology will assist the driver by offering audio notifications when it detects any vehicle(s) or pedestrian(s) in hard-to-see spots, such as behind or on the side of the vehicle.

Honda Xcelerator will continue to work closely with startup communities around the world, creating a mutually-beneficial relationship with innovators, to strengthen research and development of future products and services that use new technologies and business models.

For more information, visit the Honda Xcelerator website.

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