CES 2017 - International Consumer Electronics Show

Safe Swarm

CES 2017 "Safe Swarm - Safe Merge"

CES 2017 "Safe Swarm - Hazard Prediction"

CES 2017 "Safe Swarm - Phantom Traffic Jam"

CES 2017 "Safe Swarm - Cooperative Merge"

Inspired by the natural world, the “Safe Swarm” concept represents Honda’s proposal to realize smooth traffic flow – replicating the behavior of a school of fish – using connected car technologies*. With this Safe Swarm concept, Honda is striving to realize a mobility society where the entire traffic flow, not just individual vehicles, will be safe and smooth. The concept uses vehicle-to-vehicle communications to share information about road conditions and any obstacles en route and prevents traffic congestion by assisting the driver to merge and lane change at the appropriate speed and timing by analyzing vehicle speeds during merging and lane changing.

* Internet-connected and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication automotive technologies