CES 2017 - International Consumer Electronics Show

Honda NeuV

CES 2017 "NeuV"

CES 2017 "NeuV - Omni-Conntected"

CES 2017 "NeuV - Novice Driver"

CES 2017 "NeuV - Ride Sharing"

CES 2017 "NeuV - Digital Pay"

CES 2017 "NeuV - Music Recommendation"

CES 2017 "NeuV - Energy Merchan"

The NeuV explores the idea of how to create new value for its owner by functioning as an automated ride sharing vehicle, picking up and dropping off customers at local destinations when the owner is not using the car. The NeuV also can sell energy back to the electric grid during times of high demand when it’s not in use.  

The NeuV also functions as a thoughtful and helpful AI assistant utilizing an “emotion engine,” called HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant,) whichi will learn from the driver by detecting the emotions behind the driver’s judgments and then, based on the driver’s past decisions, make new choices and recommendations. HANA can check on the driver’s emotional well-being, make music recommendations based on mood, and support the owner’s daily driving routine.