Honda’s Robotics Research Efforts

June 28, 2018

Towards 2030, Honda aims to realize its vision to serve people worldwide with the “joy of expanding their life’s potential.”  Robotics research and development is an essential element of the company’s effort to realize this goal, to create technologies such as ASIMO that provides companionship, improves quality of life, and expands people’s potential.  As such, Honda continues its research into humanoid robots.

Moreover, technologies that went into ASIMO are being adopted for use in Honda’s mass-production products, while practical applications are being sought for other products.

ASIMO demonstrations are being regularly held in Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama (Tokyo), Honda Collection Hall in Twin Ring Motegi (Tochigi) and National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Tokyo).

Honda Welcome Plaza Website

Honda Collection Hall Website

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Website