1999 Insight


Honda's first Hybrid car offering the world's lowest fuel consumption for a gasoline-powered vehicle attaining gas mileage of 35 km/liter*1


Engine (1.0L lean-burn VTEC)
Max. Output 70PS/5,700rpm
Max. Torque 9.4kgf・m/4,800rpm
Max. Output 5MT:10.0kW/3,000rpm, Honda Multi-Matic:9.2kW/2,000rpm
Max. Torque 49.0N・m/1,000rpm

The Honda IMA system relies mainly on engine power, calling upon electric motor power assistance when required to provide powerful acceleration and low fuel consumption. This approach allows for a significant reduction in complexity and weight, providing for both high power output and low fuel consumption in a wide range of situations from city to highway driving.

The objectives for this world's-lightest*2 1.0-liter lean-burn VTEC engine is a highly efficient combustion process, compact packaging and friction reduction.

The motor assist mechanism is composed of an ultra-thin DC brushless motor, a nickel metal-hydride battery and a PCU (Power Control Unit). When extra power is required, such as during acceleration, a powerful yet lightweight electric motor comes to the engine's assistance. While decelerating, the motor is used as a generator to efficiently recover energy.

An "automatic idle stop" system stops the engine automatically when the vehicle comes to a stop to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

  • *1At 10.15 mode for 5MT
  • *2Honda internal research as of September 1999
1999 Insight
1999 Insight
1999 Insight
1999 Insight