Throughout its history, Honda has brought smiles to countless people all over the world with its innovative and reliable products. Its achievements are borne of a stubborn determination to make people’s lives better.


  • Accord is best-selling passenger car in the U.S. for 1989

    December 1989Corporate

  • Honda of America Manufacturing's second U.S. auto plant goes into operation at East Liberty, Ohio

    December 1989Corporate

  • Honda Motor Europe is established in the U.K., to serve as the European head office

    October 1989Corporate

  • Alain Prost wins Formula One Driver's Championship

    Fourth consecutive win for a Honda-powered car

    October 1989Motorsports

  • Honda Automóvel de Portugal is established in Portugal as a car-sales company

    June 1989Corporate

  • Honda introduces world's first traction control system for front-wheel drive automobiles

    January 1989Technology


  • Honda New Zealand begins production of automobiles

    In 1998 Honda New Zealand completes production and becomes sales company of automobiles.

    October 1988Corporate

  • Honda Marlboro McLaren wins Formula One Constructors' Championship, with Honda engines winning 15 of 16 races (team wins again in 1989) and Ayrton Senna wins Formula One Driver's Championship with Honda power

    October 1988Motorsports

  • Honda introduces two new technologies for enhanced engine efficiency: Honda Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) and Honda variable wing turbo system

    October 1988Technology

  • Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. begins exporting the Cub 100EX to Japan

    First Honda model exported from an Asian country to Japan

    July 1988Corporate

  • Team 1200 (private team composed mostly of Suzuka Factory associates) sets a world record of 2,269 km/L In the Shell Mileage Marathon (currently Shell Eco-marathon) in England

    The team wins again in 1989 and 1990.

    June 1988Motorsports

  • Honda of America Mfg., Inc. begins exporting Accord Coupe automobiles and Gold Wing motorcycles to Japan

    April 1988Corporate

  • Bukit Batok Driving Center is established as a joint venture in Singapore

    April 1988Corporate

  • Honda de Mexico begins production of motorcycles

    March 1988Corporate

  • Honda Automobile Espana is established in Spain as a car-sales company

    March 1988Corporate

  • Honda Power Equipment Mfg. begins producing lawnmower engines in the U.S.

    March 1988Corporate

  • Honda Manufacturing Australia (current Honda Australia M. & P.E. Pty Ltd.) begins lawnmower production

    February 1988Corporate


  • Honda becomes world's first company to produce 50 million motorcycles

    November 1987Corporate

  • Team Williams Honda wins Formula One Constructors' Championship for second consecutive year, with team member Nelson Piquet winning Driver's Championship

    November 1987Motorsports

  • The first Formula One Japan Grand Prix is held at Suzuka Circuit

    November 1987Motorsports

  • Cumulative production of motorcycles at Moto Honda da Amazonia reaches 1 million-unit mark

    October 1987Corporate

  • Exporting of general puropose engines made in Thailand begins

    October 1987Corporate

  • Cumulative production of motorcycles at Kumamoto Factory reaches 10 million-unit mark

    October 1987Corporate

  • Honda announces world's first antilock braking system (ABS) for motorcycles

    October 1987Technology

  • Cumulative production of engine valves at Mohka Parts Plant reaches 100 million-unit mark

    July 1987Corporate

  • Honda Parts & Accessories R&D becomes Honda Access Co., Ltd.

    July 1987Corporate

  • Honda engines dominate the seventh F-1 British Grand Prix, winning first through fourth places

    July 1987Motorsports

  • Hondaland Co., Ltd. is changed to Suzuka Circuitland Co., Ltd.

    June 1987Corporate

  • Honda North America is established in the U.S.

    March 1987Corporate

  • Local production of general-purpose engines at Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. begins

    February 1987Corporate

  • Honda wins 1st and 2nd places in Paris-Dakar Rally motorcycle competition

    January 1987Motorsports


  • Honda becomes the best-selling foreign brand in annual passenger car sales in the U.S.

    December 1986Corporate

  • Brain Science Promotion Foundation is established

    November 1986Corporate

  • Honda Canada Manufacturing begins production of Accord four-door models

    October 1986Corporate

  • Honda announces world's first steering angle-sensing four-wheel steering system

    First available on all-new Prelude in 1987

    October 1986Technology

  • Kibo-no-Sato (Kibounosato Honda Co., Ltd.) is established as a special-purpose subsidiary under the law to promote the employment of disabled persons

    September 1986Corporate

  • U.S. Production of automobile engines begins at Honda of America Manufacturing for the Civic

    September 1986Corporate

  • Team Williams Honda wins Formula One Constructors' Championship

    September 1986Motorsports

  • Civic becomes second automobile to roll off Honda of America Manufacturing assemply line in the U.S.

    July 1986Corporate

  • Mohka Parts Plant is established

    May 1986Corporate

  • Honda launches in the U.S., Acura, the world's first luxury automobile nameplate from a Japanese company

    March 1986Corporate

  • Honda Motor de Portugal is established as a motorcycle sales company

    March 1986Corporate

  • A.P. Honda is established in Thailand as a joint venture for motorcycle sales

    March 1986Corporate

  • PT Honda Prospect Engine Manufacturing is established in Indonesia as a joint venture for production of automobile engines and power product parts

    March 1986Corporate

  • Honda France Industrielle goes into operation

    January 1986Corporate

  • Honda wins 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th places in Paris-Dakar Rally motorcycle competition

    January 1986Motorsports


  • Cumulative production of the FF car reaches 10 million-unit mark

    November 1985Corporate

  • Hicom Honda Manufacturing begins production of motorcycle engines in Malaysia

    October 1985Corporate

  • Cumulative production of the Acty series reaches 1 million-unit mark

    September 1985Corporate

  • Honda consigns production of the Acty series mini commercial vehicles to Yachiyo Industries

    August 1985Corporate

  • Head Office moves to newly completed Honda Aoyama Building

    August 1985Corporate

  • Honda forms joint venture with Shell in India, for production of small generators and general purpose engines

    August 1985Corporate

  • Hero Honda opens new motorcycle plant in India

    August 1985Corporate

  • Honda of America Manufacturing opens new motorcycle engine production plant

    August 1985Corporate

  • Honda attains milestone of 10 million power products produced

    July 1985Corporate

  • Honda France Industrielle is established in France as a manufacturing plant for power products

    June 1985Corporate

  • Shriam Honda is established in India as a joint venture for manufacturing power proudcts

    May 1985Corporate

  • New casting method is used to successfully mass-produce a commercial aluminum cylinder block that is compact, strong and extremely light

    May 1985Technology

  • Honda of the U.K. Manufacturing Ltd. is established

    February 1985Corporate

  • Honda innovates commercial production process for automobile engine connecting rods made of aluminum FRM (fiber-reinforced metal)

    January 1985Technology


  • Cumulative production of mopeds at Honda Benelux N.V. in Belgium (later Honda Belgium N.V.) reaches 1 million-unit mark

    November 1984Corporate

  • Honda establishes its first R&D company overseas, Honda R&D North America

    September 1984Corporate

  • New engine plant is completed within Suzuka Factory

    September 1984Corporate

  • Honda Power Equipment Mfg. Inc. begins assembly of lawnmowers in the U.S.

    August 1984Corporate

  • After ending its hiatus, Honda wins its first Formula One race, the ninth Dallas Grand Prix, with driver Keke Rosberg

    July 1984Motorsports

  • Production of the Rover 200 (Ballade) begins at British Leyland as a licensed sucessor to the Triumph Acclaim

    June 1984Corporate

  • Consigned production of automobiles begins at Banchan General Assembly in Thailand

    April 1984Corporate

  • Honda Astra Engine Manufacturing, a joint venture for the production of motorcycle engines in Indonesia, is established

    April 1984Corporate

  • Kainatech Honda, a joint venture for production and sales of motorcycles in India, is established

    February 1984Corporate


  • Honda Cars Thailand, a joint company for auto sales, is established

    August 1983Corporate

  • Honda Power Equipment Mfg. Inc. is established in the U.S. for the production of power products

    August 1983Corporate

  • Singapore Safety Driving Centre Ltd. is established

    July 1983Corporate

  • Hamamatsu Factory's power products plant is completed

    June 1983Corporate

  • Hicom Honda Manufacturing, a joint venture for the production of motorcycle engines in Malaysia is established

    May 1983Corporate

  • Cumulative production of the Super Cub reaches 15 million-unit mark

    April 1983Corporate

  • President Kawashima retires and Tadashi Kume assumes the post of company president

    December 1983Corporate


  • Honda of America Mfg., Inc. lines off its first automobile, a four-door Accord sedan

    Making Honda the first Japanese company to produce automobiles in the U.S.

    November 1982Corporate

  • Beijing Office is established in China

    October 1982Corporate

  • Honda wins first place in the World Grand Prix 500 wirh rhe NS500

    Winning the seventh race in Belgium and the tenth in Sweden

    July 1982Motorsports

  • Saitama Factory's Mohka Plant begins assembling engines

    June 1982Corporate

  • Honda wins first place in F-1 class at the TT Race, a title that continues for sixteen consecutive years until 1997

    June 1982Motorsports

  • Wako R&D Center's Tochigi research room (current Tochigi R&D Center) is established

    April 1982Corporate

  • EHO (European Head Office) is established in Aalst, Belgium, as a key location for developing European market strategies

    April 1982Corporate


  • Bellemar Parts Industries (current Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America) is established

    November 1981Corporate

  • British Leyland begins selling the Triumph Acclaim (Ballade) in the U.K.

    October 1981Corporate

  • Special purpose subsidiary Honda Taiyo (Honda Sun Co., Ltd.) is established in Oita Prefecture in accordance with Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Act

    September 1981Corporate

  • Honda announces the Electro Gyrocator, the world's first car navigation system

    August 1981Technology

  • Honda's first automobile (Civic) equipped with the Franz System foot-operated driving system for people with leg and arm disabilities, is launched in Japan

    May 1981Technology

  • Honda attains milestone of 5 million power products produced

    April 1981Corporate

  • Production of alcohol-powered motorcycles begins at Moto Honda da Amazonia

    February 1981Corporate


  • Honda wins its first World Championship in the Motorcycle World Endurance Championship Series

    September 1980Motorsports

  • Montesa Honda S.A., a joint venture for the production of motorcylces in Spain, is established

    May 1980Corporate

  • Cumulative production of the Accord series reaches 1 million-unit mark

    January 1980Corporate