Throughout its history, Honda has brought smiles to countless people all over the world with its innovative and reliable products. Its achievements are borne of a stubborn determination to make people’s lives better.


  • Honda of America Mfg., Inc motorcycle plant goes into operation

    September 1979Corporate

  • Honda wins the FIM Motocross World Championship in the 500cc class with rider Graham Noyce

    Honda also wins in 1980 and 1981 with rider Andre Malherbe.

    September 1979Motorsports

  • Honda wins first place in the F-1 class at the TT Race(and again in 1980)

    June 1979Motorsports

  • Asaka Higashi R&D Center is established as a separate power products R&D center within Honda R&D Co., Ltd. (currently Power Products R&D Center)

    May 1979Corporate

  • Comprehensive automotive test facility Tochigi Proving Center is completed

    April 1979Corporate


  • Honda launches HR21, its first walk-behind lawn mower

    August 1978Corporate

  • Honda attains milestone of 30 million motorcycles produced

    July 1978Corporate

  • Automobile distribution company Honda Europe N.V. is established in Belgium

    April 1978Corporate

  • Honda of America Mfg., Inc. is established to produce motorcycles

    February 1978Corporate


  • The Honda Foundation is established

    December 1977Corporate

  • Honda launches ME engine series, million-selling engines which laid the foundation of power product business

    June 1977Corporate

  • Honda returns to TT Race competition, winning first place in the F-1 class

    June 1977Motorsports

  • Imora Honda, a joint venture producing motorcycles and power products in Indonesia, is established

    Production begins in 1979 with the CR125R.

    March 1977Corporate

  • Motorcycle production begins at Moto Honda da Amazonia Ltda. in Brazil

    January 1977Corporate


  • Honda wins grand prize at the Bordeaux 24-hours Race, a European road bike endurance event, beginning a streak of three consecutive wins until 1978

    September 1976Motorsports

  • Honda Parts & Accessories R&D is established

    August 1976Corporate

  • Cumulative production of the Civic series reaches 1 million-unit mark

    July 1976Corporate

  • Honda launches the Accord, Honda's second global model

    May 1976Corporate

  • Assembly production of the Civic in New Zealand begins

    April 1976Corporate

  • Honda wins Zandvoort 600 km Production Race, its first motorcycle endurance race

    April 1976Motorsports

  • The Kumamoto Factory is established

    January 1976Corporate


  • Prospect Motor in Indonesia begins producing the Civic under technical tie-up

    Automobile production in Indonesia is currently performed by PT Honda Prospect Motor.

    November 1975Corporate

  • Moto Honda da Amazonia Ltda., a joint venture for the production of motorcycles, is established in Brazil

    July 1975Corporate


  • The Gold Wing GL1000 motorcycle is introduced in the U.S.

    October 1974Corporate

  • International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences is established with an endowment from Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa

    September 1974Corporate

  • Head office moves from Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo to Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    August 1974Corporate

  • Honda Manufacturing Machinery Co., Ltd., becomes Honda Engineering Co., Ltd.

    July 1974Corporate

  • Honda (Suisse) S.A., a joint venture for sales of motorcycles and power products is established

    March 1974Corporate

  • Honda del Peru S.A. is established

    February 1974Corporate

  • Sayama Plant of Saitama Factory becomes first facility in Japanese auto industry to use powder-coating device

    January 1974Technology


  • Asaka R&D Center is established as a separate motorcycle R&D center within Honda R&D Co., Ltd. (currently Motorcycle R&D Center)

    November 1973Corporate

  • Honda attains milestone of 20 million motorcycles produced

    October 1973Corporate

  • Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa retire and Kiyoshi Kawashima becomes company president

    October 1973Corporate

  • Mariwasa Honda (current Honda Philippines Inc.), a joint company for production and sales of motorcycles made from knockdown parts, is established

    June 1973Corporate

  • Honda ESV (Experimental Safety Vehicle) is introduced at the Fourth ESV International Meeting

    March 1973Technology

  • Sayama and Saitama factories are integrated, respectively becoming Saitama Factory's Sayama and Wako plants

    January 1973Corporate


  • CVCC engine passes US Clean Air Act regulations for 1975

    December 1972Technology

  • Low-emissions CVCC engine is officially introduced

    October 1972Technology

  • Honda launches the Civic, which evolvs into the world's standard

    July 1972Corporate

  • Japan's first electrode position paint-retrieval device is introduced , demonstrating its effectiveness against pollution

    April 1972Technology


  • Honda Motor de Brazil Ltda. is established

    October 1971Corporate

  • Honda joins ESV( Experimental Safety Vehicle) development program

    August 1971Technology

  • Knockdown production of motorcycles in Mexico begins

    June 1971Corporate

  • Cumulative production of motorcycles at Suzuka Factory reaches 10 million-unit mark

    March 1971Corporate

  • Low-pollution, high-efficiency CVCC engine is introduced

    February 1971Technology


  • Mohka Plant is established

    November 1970Corporate

  • Driving Safety Promotion Center is established

    October 1970Corporate

  • Mechanical fuel-injection device, effective in controlling exhaust emissions, is introduced

    October 1970Technology

  • Manufacturing Machinery Division breaks off from Sayama Factory to form the independent Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (later to become Honda Engineering Co., Ltd.)

    September 1970Corporate

  • Export of motorcycles reaches 5 million-unit mark

    July 1970Corporate

  • Honda begins export of N600 automobiles to US mainland

    Export to Hawaii begins in 1969.

    April 1970Corporate