Throughout its history, Honda has brought smiles to countless people all over the world with its innovative and reliable products. Its achievements are borne of a stubborn determination to make people’s lives better.


  • The RC160 (250cc, four-cylinder racer) participates in the Asama Volcanic Race for the first time, winning first through third place

    August 1959Motorsports

  • American Honda Motor Co., Inc., is established in Los Angeles, U.S.

    Honda's first overseas subsidiary

    June 1959Corporate

  • Honda launches F150 tiller as its second power products

    June 1959Corporate

  • In its first participation in Isle of Man TT, Honda wins the 125cc class Manufacturers' Team Award with Naomi Taniguchi finishing 6th, Giichi Suzuki 7th, Teisuke Tanaka 8th and Junzo Suzuki 11th

    June 1959Motorsports


  • The Super Cub is introduced

    July 1958Corporate

  • A high-speed test track is established along the Arakawa River

    May 1958Corporate


  • Honda's Engineering Research Center is established in the Saitama Factory

    June 1957Corporate


  • Sumiyoshi Plant is closed

    June 1956Corporate


  • Yamashita Plant closes and operations move to Aoi Plant

    November 1954Corporate

  • Export of the Juno to Los Angeles, California, USA begins

    September 1954Corporate

  • Noguchi Plant closes and operations move to Aoi Plant

    July 1954Corporate

  • Hamamatsu Factory's Aoi Plant is completed

    April 1954Corporate

  • Soichiro Honda issues the Isle of Man TT Race Declaration, indicating his intention to enter the world's premier motorcycle race and win

    March 1954Motorsports

  • In Honda's first participation in an overseas motor sports event, Mikio Omura finishes 13th in a motorcycle race held in Sao Paulo to celebrate the city's 400th anniversary

    February 1954Motorsports


  • Sumiyoshi Plant is established in Hamamatsu-city

    July 1953Corporate

  • Saitama Plant No.1 (Shirako) and No.2 (Yamato) are combined into Saitama Factory

    June 1953Corporate

  • Hamamtsu Plant No.1 (Yamashita) and No.2 (Noguchi) are combined into Hamamatsu Factory

    June 1953Corporate

  • Head office and Sales Department moves to Yaesu, Tokyo (current Honda Yaesu Building)

    January 1953Corporate


  • Tokyo plant closes and operations move to Shirako Plant

    December 1952Corporate

  • Export of the Dream to Okinawa and the Philippines begins

    October 1952Corporate

  • Honda begins exporting products, shipping Cub F-Type motorcycles to Taiwan and other countries

    June 1952Corporate

  • Head office moves from Hamamtsu to Ten-machi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    April 1952Corporate

  • Shirako Plant (Saitama Factory) is establised

    March 1952Corporate

  • Honda begins manufacturing power products, its first general-purpose engine, the Type H

    Start sales in October 1953

    December 1952Corporate


  • Production of motorcycle frame begins at Tokyo Plant and shipment begins after the installation of engines from Hamamatsu Plant

    March 1951Corporate


  • Tokyo plant is established

    September 1950Corporate