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Overview of Super Sport-type ABS

Overview of Super Sport-type ABS

In addition to suppressing wheel lock and enabling stable deceleration, the Super Sport-type ABS incorporates controls to increase the sense of security when braking hard, which is essential for circuit riding, and when braking while cornering.
This system also contributes to high riding performance by reducing weight, which is essential for supersport brakes.


Control for Super Sports: Control to Suppress Rear Lift during Emergency Braking

During emergency braking, the load shifts to the front and the rear wheels try to lift off the road.
If the rear wheel is lifted excessively, the stability of the vehicle may be degraded.
Therefore, when the system detects the rear wheel lifting off the road, by using a sensor (IMU*) that detects the vehicle's behavior, it automatically adjusts the brake fluid pressure to keep the rear wheel in contact with the ground, helping the rider to perform hard braking with peace of mind.

Control for Super Sports: Brake Pressure Control According to Body Bank Angle

Braking while cornering makes it easier for the wheels to lock up.
This is because when the bike is banked, much of the tire's grip is used for cornering and there is less room available for braking.
Also, sudden braking while banking may disrupt the vehicle's behavior.
The Super Sport-type ABS calculates the braking force according to the vehicle's bank angle by combining the vehicle's bank angle calculated from sensors that detect vehicle behavior (IMU*) and the front and rear wheel slip rate from the front and rear wheel speed sensors.
When a disturbance in vehicle behavior is predicted due to excessive brake input, the brake pressure is adjusted to prevent the wheels from locking up or the vehicle from rising suddenly.
This gives the rider a greater sense of security when braking in unexpected situations while cornering or when fixing the riding line.

*IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit)