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Overview of Electronically Controlled Combined ABS

Overview of Electronically Controlled Combined ABS

The Electronically controlled combined ABS is Honda's unique advanced braking system for motorcycles that integrates "CBS (front and rear wheel linked brake system)" and "ABS (anti-lock braking system)" into a single system.
By activating the front and rear brakes in a well-balanced manner, the system suppresses excessive nose dive and other large Vehicle movements during braking, resulting in a high-quality and comfortable ride. The braking characteristics are optimally adjusted in conjunction with the currently selected "Riding Mode". This system increases a sense of security and makes riding more comfortable and enjoyable.

Gold Wing’s Electronically Controlled Combined ABS

Principles of ABS Operation

When a lock is detected on the front wheel side by the front and rear wheel speed sensors, the pressure of the front caliper is adjusted by turning the valve on the hydraulic line in the modulator open or closed to restore the rotation speed of the front wheel. When a lock on the rear wheel is detected, the pressure in the rear caliper is adjusted to restore the rotation speed of the rear wheel.

Principles of CBS operation

The Gold Wing (2018 model) adopts the Electronically Controlled Combined ABS.

-Front brake

The pressure from the front brake master cylinder pressurizes the upper and lower pistons in the front calipers. In addition, a sensor detects the pressure from the front brake master cylinder and transmits it as an electrical signal to the ECU, which drives the pump in the ABS modulator. The hydraulic pressure generated by the pump is then transmitted to the rear caliper, which operates as a front and rear wheel linked brake.

-Rear brake

The front and rear balance of pressure from the master cylinder of the rear brake is controlled inside the modulator, and then transmitted to the center piston of the front caliper and the rear caliper to operate as front and rear wheel linked brakes.


The Gold Wing is equipped with a "scene-specific riding mode" that allows you to set the riding feeling according to various riding scenes and road conditions, and the brake feeling is also changed in conjunction with this mode.
The Tour, Eco, and Rain modes provide a reassuring brake feeling, while the Sport mode suppresses excessive nose dive by setting the initial effectiveness of the rear brake higher when the front lever is operated. Although the initial effectiveness of the rear brake changes as the mode is switched, the maximum braking force when the brake is held tightly is not reduced.


HSA (Hill Start Assist System)

After coming to a stop on a hill, the ABS modulator generates hydraulic pressure in the rear brake caliper when the brake lever is squeezed quickly and deeply. When the brake lever is released, the hydraulic pressure temporarily holds the braking force (for about 3 seconds) and assists the rider in starting up the hill.