Honda SENSING Elite

Honda SENSING Elite is the flagship variation of Honda SENSING and features Traffic Jam Pilot function, which enables the system to drive the vehicle while monitoring the vehicle’s surroundings on behalf of the driver. Positioning this system as a new step forward in the area of advanced safety technology, Honda will further advance Honda SENSING Elite while also striving for the popularization of safety and driver-assistive technologies.
(Announced in 2020)

System configuration

Honda SENSING Elite accurately determines the vehicle position and the road/traffic conditions ahead in the direction of travel by using a three-dimensional high-definition maps that includes information on the shape, width, inclination and road signs of expressways (highways), as well as data from the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and information obtained by various sensors. In addition, the system detects the vehicle’s 360-degree surroundings using a number of external sensors, and the system also monitors the driver’s condition using a camera mounted to the side of the navigation screen. Based on such a wide range of information, the system applies a high-level control to acceleration, braking and steering input to assist the driver to achieve high-quality and smooth driving as if the system understands the driver’s intentions.

Image of the control

In addition to having highly precise localization of its own vehicle, Honda SENSING Elite uses sensors, which play a role equivalent to that of the eyes of the driver, to detect the vehicle’s 360-degree surroundings. The main electronic control unit (ECU) acts like the driver's brain to formulate action plans and acts like arms and legs to control the accelerating, braking and steering to achieve driving appropriate to the situation.

Overview of each function

Adaptive in Lane Driving

The system operates accelerating, braking and steering even while the driver has their hands off the steering wheel (hands-off function). The system drives the vehicle along the center of the lane while maintaining the pre-set vehicle speed. When there is a car ahead the system assists in following while maintaining a proper following distance. For turning, the system detects the curvature of the lane in advance and performs deceleration and acceleration before and after the curve to assist the driver in a way that they can drive with a peace of mind.

Active Lane Change Assist with Hands-off Function

While driving using the Adaptive In Lane Driving, when the driver checks safety on surroundings and puts on the turn signal, the system determines if a lane change is possible depending on the vehicle’s surroundings. When the system determines the lane change is possible, it controls the steering and assists the lane change with the hands-off.

Active Lane Change with Hands-off Function

While driving using the Adaptive In Lane Driving and the Active Lane Change with Hands-off Function is switched on, when the system detects a slow moving car ahead, the system determines if a lane change is possible depending on the vehicle’s surroundings. When it determines the lane change is possible, the system notifies the driver and then assists in passing and returning to the original lane by controlling the turn signal, accelerating /decelerating and steering with the hands-off.

The system also assists the driver in changing lanes close to junctions or exits while driving toward the destination set with the navigation system. The system also assists lane changes when the number of lanes will be reducing, and the lane the vehicle is on will disappear. This function will reduce the driver’s anxiety and tension associated with these situations.

Traffic Jam Pilot

While driving using the Adaptive In Lane Driving when the vehicle gets caught in traffic congestion under certain conditions, the system takes control of accelerating, braking and steering while monitoring the vehicle’s surroundings on behalf of the driver. The system drives, stops, and resumes driving within its own lane while maintaining a proper following distance in accordance with the speed of the vehicle ahead. While the vehicle is under the control of the system, the driver can watch television/DVD on the navigation screen or operate the navigation system to search for a destination address, which helps mitigate driver fatigue and stress while driving in a traffic jam.

Emergency Stop Assist

When the driver does not respond to the system’s requests to intervene (the transfer of control back to the driver), the system warns the driver using multiple alerts and vibration on the driver’s seatbelt. When the driver continues to be unresponsive to the request to intervene, the system assists deceleration and stopping of the vehicle while alerting other vehicles around using hazard lights and the horn. When there is a road shoulder, the system assists lane changes until the vehicle reaches the shoulder of the road*.

After stopping the vehicle, the system automatically applies the parking brake, changes the shift position to P and unlocks the doors. Furthermore, the system connects to the emergency support center.

*Depending on the situation, the system may stop the vehicle without changing lanes.

Lane Change Collision Mitigation

When making a lane change, if the system recognizes the risk of collision with a vehicle in the adjacent lane approaching from behind, the system provides an audible warnings and a visual warnings on the meter to alert the driver and assists steering for collision avoidance.

【Video】 Honda SENSING Elite functions introduction
<Active Lane Change with Hands-off Function and Traffic Jam Pilot>

■ There is a limit to the capabilities (e.g. recognition capability and control capability) of individual functions of Honda SENSING Elite. Use of the system on non-expressways (highways), driving while completely relying on the system and/or not responding to the system’s requests to intervene (the transfer of control back to the driver) may result in an unexpected collision, which may result in death or serious injury. Honda SENSING Elite is not a system designed to control accelerating, braking and steering in all driving situations on an expressways. Please do not overestimate the capabilities of each Honda SENSING Elite function and drive safely while paying constant attention to your surroundings. Please remain in condition where you can respond to the system’s request to intervene, and immediately resume driving upon the request to intervene. The operation of the vehicle by the driver takes precedence over operation by the Honda SENSING Elite system.

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