Agile Handling Assist

Achieving smooth handling by controlling braking

In accordance with the driver’s steering inputs, Agile Handling Assist helps the driver smoothly and easily achieve the desired line tracing while cornering.

How does it work?

Agile Handling Assist system predicts how the vehicle will move based on the vehicle speed, the steering angle and speed and other factors detected at the time when the driver begins turning the steering wheel.

When the system determines there is a need to assist the driver, it can control the braking on each of the front wheels independently, as needed, to control the vehicle behavior.

When the driver operates the steering wheel going around a curve, the system assists the driver by lightly applying the brakes on an inside front wheel, as needed. This assist enhances the vehicle’s responsiveness and helps the driver achieve stable cornering.

*Agile Handling Assist is not a feature that enhances stability in all driving conditions.
*For safety, the driver still needs to drive and corner at speeds appropriate for the driving conditions and maintain a sufficient distance from other vehicles.

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