Honda Robotics

Utilize Technology to help people

Taking a new approach to create robots that can help people as soon as possible

Through the development of ASIMO, a humanoid robot developed with the aim of helping people, Honda has gained the prospect of realizing the physical capabilities needed for robots to operate in a living environment with people and, in fact, replicated some human functions through engineering.

As a result of many years of research and development of ASIMO, which continuously enhanced its activities and functions – including how to secure the safety of people when ASIMO falls – we came to realize one thing.

In order for us to create a fully autonomous bipedal robot that can operate in a living environment with people, which also features an ability to ensure safety of people around it in the event of a fall, we still have to continue long-term robotic research and development, as well as building consensus in society and establish laws toward enabling people to live with robots.

The development team always had a desire to introduce robots that help people in society earlier and offer value to people as soon as possible.

Therefore, we revisited the original reason Honda began developing robots and discussed our approach while putting a priority on “helping people” with our robotics technologies. As a result of this due consideration, we decided to advance our approach.

From here onward, instead of being hung up on supporting people in every situation with one humanoid robot that has diverse capabilities, we will take the next step forward by striving to help people, in accordance with the time and situation they are in, by using various robots, each with distinct functions developed for more specific purposes.

By adding new technologies to our base technologies amassed through ASIMO research and development, we will further advance the functions and capabilities of our robots, which Honda will offer value to people and society as soon as possible.

What Honda Robotics Strive to Achieve Now

With Honda Robotics, we are now aiming to support people's daily lives with a variety of robots with distinct functions.

We want to create robots which will expand the possibilities of people by being there and helping each and every member of society. Our hope is that our robots will make people’s daily lives more enjoyable and enable people to live fulfilling lives.

To this end, there are two scopes of research and development Honda Robotics will undertake from here onward.

Two scopes of Honda’s robotics development

Scopes #1

Maximization of the value of time

Transcending the constraints of time and distance / Automation

  • An on-call doctor at home logs into the avatar robot located nearest to the site of an emergency.
  • The doctor can start giving emergency medical treatment without spending any time getting to the spot.

Enable people to demonstrate their abilities anytime and anywhere.

Create more free time for people to enjoy their lives on the fullest terms and demonstrate their creativity.

Scopes #2

Augmentation of physical capability

  • The user can perform tasks or enjoy experiences in environments not suitable for human beings.
  • Enable people to enjoy freedom of mobility regardless of their age or any physical limitations.

Enable people to do things anywhere, such as outer space and other dangerous places.

Augment human body functions and enable people to do things they could not otherwise do.

Examples of Honda Robotics applications

What We Learned From ASIMO