As the world’s largest engine supplier, Honda has always taken a serious approach to addressing challenges to reduce CO2 emissions and to achieve zero CO2 emissions, considering those as challenges we must overcome.

While facing such challenges, Honda became one of the first companies to focus on the potential of hydrogen energy and began fundamental research of fuel cell technologies in the second half of the1980s, which was followed by the research and development of fuel cell vehicles.

And now, we are ready to utilize our fuel cell technologies to a wide variety of applications and make even more proactive contribution to the pursuit of carbon neutrality for our society.


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Unique Characteristics of Hydrogen

Renewable energy


Fuel cells

Establishment of “hydrogen ecosystem”

Hydrogen supply:
Honda activities to date


Supporting the installation and enhancement of hydrogen infrastructure

North America

Supporting the expansion of hydrogen station networks

Establishment of
hydrogen ecosystem


Demonstration in Japan

Discussing Hydrogen supply
+ use of FC commercial vehicles

Demonstration testing in Europe

Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) is building an energy ecosystem that combines renewable energy and hydrogen production / utilization