We are expanding our efforts based on our vision of “maximizing our overall corporate strength by allowing
individuals with diverse attributes and values to shine with vitality.”

Diversification Aimed at Leveraging
Total Workforce Strength

Individual differences that are demonstrated by its workforce represent a strength of a company in flexibly responding to the ever-changing business environment. Honda pursues workforce diversification in accordance with the conditions and issues in each region (North America, South America, Asia/Oceania, Europe/Middle East/Africa, China and Japan), believing that these individualities integrate and evolve into innovation.

For Honda, diversification of the workforce means to enhance its total strength by providing equal opportunities to people regardless of their personal attributes, such as race, nationality, cultural background, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, past career, educational background and having disabilities or not. Honda also encourages them to respect each other’s individual differences and talents while exerting their own abilities to the fullest, based on Honda’s philosophy of Respect for the Individual.

Specifically, each of Honda’s six core regions is hiring and developing personnel by setting a target for increasing the proportion of women and minority groups (in terms of race and nationality, etc.) in management and job assignments in accordance with the conditions of each region. In addition, Honda has been implementing a variety of initiatives for all associates such as facilitating the understanding of the importance of diversity and continually carrying out enlightenment activities.

ESG Data Book - Human Resources