Innovative Research
Power Unit & Energy

The Center for research and development of
next-generation power units and energy technologies to
realize a “society with zero environmental impact”

Innovative Research Excellence, Power Unit & Energy is the base of research and development of next-generation clean power units and circulative energy technologies beyond the framework of our business fields. Namely, the center is the heart of Honda. We aim for a sustainable and circular society with our founder’s concept of “making people happy through technology” that he incorporated into the engines.

Next-generation power units and circulative energy technologies

Next-generation power units and circulative energy technologies

This center will develop next-generation clean power units as well as circulative energy technologies to reuse electricity, hydrogen, and carbon as energy resources by utilizing the electricity derived from renewable energy, in order to strongly accelerate provision of these technologies for products of other companies and implementation to society. In addition, we will enhance not only the system that can quickly demonstrate new experience value, but the framework for demonstration experiments by collaborating with external organizations, to propose new value.

Electricity Cycle

Mobile Power Pack e: Battery Technology Use
Mobile Power Pack e:

This is a portable, swappable battery used as a power source for various electric mobility products such as electric motorcycles and small-sized mobility products.
If an empty battery is swapped, the power supplied enables continuous driving or operation with no need to wait for charging.

Power Pack Exchanger e: Charging Technology Generate
Power Pack Exchanger e:

This is a station to charge/store the Mobile Power Packs. This technology can build a battery-sharing network as local energy infrastructure.

Carbon Cycle

Gas Turbine Hybrid System Gas Turbine Hybrid Technology Use
Gas Turbine Hybrid System

To realize a next-generation traffic system which is far better than the current air mobility in terms of convenience and safety of take-off/landing as well as quietness, Honda has been developing a new hybrid propulsion system with a fusion of the gas turbine technology nurtured during the aero engine development and the electrification technologies of generators, batteries, and motors nurtured for automobiles and F1. Honda has been aiming to achieve both the reduction of CO2 emissions by using “carbon-neutral fuel” and realization of intercity travel by extending the flight range.

CCU(Carbon Capture and Utilization) Carbon Capture &
Utilization Technology
CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilization)

Honda has been conducting research into the following technologies to capture CO2 emitted in the air and reuse it as energy resources.
DAC (Direct Air Capture): technology to capture CO2 from the air
e-fuel: carbon-neutral fuel made from CO2 and hydrogen
Honda DREAMO: technology to convert CO2 into carbon-neutral fuel with algae