Networking Cars and Cameras to Make Communities More Secure for Children

Honda supports Kakogawa City surveillance service with new V2X Unit application

Cameras with built-in V2X Unit are being installed on public roads and vehicles to communicate with children


Safe Products Begin with Safe Testing

The Proving Grounds of Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

“No production without safety” is Honda’s mantra for making all products safe and reliable for customers


For the Happiness of Families in Japan

Safety and peace of mind in the second-generation N-BOX

Supporting comfortable everyday family living.
A new standard of family car: A small car offering great peace of mind


Children Enjoy Learning about Traffic Safety

Honda traffic safety education program for preschoolers

Developing a new education program to raise safety awareness among young kids


Using Traffic Signal Information to Support Safe and Efficient Driving at Intersections

Traffic Signal Prediction System (TSPS)

Information from roadside beacons present opportunities for preventing accidents and improving fuel efficiency


The Dream of Driving

Helping the visually impaired realize their dream of driving a car

Honda supports effort to put people with visual impairment safely in the driver's seat


Education Japan's Elderly to Curb the Rise in Pedestrian Crashes

Honda Senior Pedestrian Program

Experiential education program awakens seniors to hidden dangers of street crossing


Using Vehicle Communication Networks to Create a Safer World

Demonstration Testing of the V2X Unit

Leveraging Wi-Fi to deliver real-time information to the places and people that need it


Toward a Future with Convenient, Worry-Free Micro-Sized Mobility

Real-world Testing of the MC-β Micro Electric Vehicle

We want everyone to be worry-free with this eco-friendly and convenient new vehicle category


Supporting the Joy of Driving from Behind the Scenes

Crashworthiness of the S660 Sports Car

A fun and comfortable driving experience for a mini, open-top sports car


Advanced Vision for Assisting Safer Driving


Forward object detection for drivers—peace of mind for everyone