• Honda pursues a collision free society
    To enable freedom of mobility


Safety, the Honda way

Some people may think,“Doing nothing is the safest choice.”
But the safety Honda is pursuing is the “safety which enables people to spread their wings.”
In order to realize a collision-free society where everyone can follow their curiosity
and go anywhere freely with total peace of mind,
Honda is pursuing safety in view of three components of safety-
human ability, mobility performance and the traffic ecosystem.


Honda wants to cherish the curiosity within all of us.
And cherish the joy and freedom of mobility.


What does a collision-free society mean to Honda?

A world where everyone can follow their curiosity and go anywhere freely with total peace of mind.

The advancement of the internet, virtual reality (VR) and other technologies make it possible for us to know more about the world,meet many people and hold things in our hands without actually going out to get them. People are satisfying their curiosities in the virtual world, which offers people greater freedom. A world where,for many people, mobility may not be as essential to sustain a comfortable lifestyle is just around the corner.

Even when such times come, Honda wants to continue expanding opportunities for people to enjoy the freedom of mobility so that everyone can fulfill their curiosities in the real world as well. The real world is where we experience things using our five senses, we can demonstrate great sensitivity to enjoy vivid and colorful experiences and a sense of wonder which are different from the virtual world. We believe that expanding our own world while following our own curiosities is one of our natural and invaluable joys as human beings.

Honda is striving for a collision- free society not only as our social responsibility, but based on our sincere belief that it leads to the invaluable joys of all people.

--- Honda will continue taking a proactive approach to safety ---


Enhancing the joy that comes with freedom of mobility

while pursuing zero-collisions


Honda wants to cherish the curiosity within all of us.

Collision-free goals can be pursued by diminishing the joy and freedom of mobility. However, Honda wants to continue expanding the joy and freedom of mobility while pursuing our collision-free goals.

Honda wants to cherish the innate curiosity of human beings, striving for a collision-free society which will bring about greater freedom and a society where people can enjoy life more than ever. To this end, Honda will continue to take a proactive approach to safety.





To prevent collisions, it is important to enhance people’s abilities, including mental abilities, such as driving skills, cognitive and decision-making abilities and showing compassion toward others.





To protect people against collisions and support them in avoiding collisions, Honda believes it is important to develop safety technologies based on a thorough study of human beings.





The traffic environment changes from moment to moment due to both social factors such as traffic congestion and collisions and natural factors such as heavy rain and freezing road conditions, which could occur suddenly. To prevent collisions, it is necessary to understand that diverse elements make up the ever-changing traffic environment, such as roads, telecommunication infrastructure, automobiles and pedestrians, and their relationship in a dynamic traffic ecosystem to enable each element to connect organically. To contribute to the healthy functioning of the traffic ecosystem, Honda will maintain an open attitude and be proactive in technological development as well as other areas including cooperation with various countries and regions and collaboration with other companies.