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Honda Sustainability Report 2016

Honda Sustainability Report 2016
Editorial Policy
(PDF 131KB)
Overview of Honda (PDF 267KB)
Message from the President and CEO (PDF 309KB)
Special Feature : Hydrogen for a New Tomorrow (PDF 489KB)
Sustainability Management (PDF 539KB)
  Honda Philosophy and Sustainability (PDF 174KB)
Honda and Our Stakeholders (PDF 194KB)
Corporate Governance (PDF 152KB)
Compliance (PDF 136KB)
Risk Management (PDF  62KB)
Performance Report (PDF 4.4MB)
  Environment (PDF 1.2MB)
Safety (PDF 556KB)
Quality (PDF 919KB)
Human Resources (PDF 319KB)
Social Activity (PDF 802KB)
Supply Chain (PDF 779KB)
GRI Content Index (PDF 178KB)
Assurance (PDF 145KB)
Financial data (PDF 189KB)