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Honda Sustainability Report 2015

Honda Sustainability Report 2015
Message from the President and CEO (PDF 876KB)
Editorial Policy (PDF 1.1MB)

Strengthening quality initiatives across the entire company and

working to restore the trust of customers and society

(PDF 539KB)
Special Feature :  Toward the future of mobility
(PDF 5.7MB)
Perspective 1 : Squaring up to climate change/energy issues (PDF 3.4MB)
Perspective 2 : From driving safety assistance to automated driving (PDF 1.6MB)
Honda Philosophy and Sustainability (PDF 1.3MB)
  Honda Philosophy and Sustainability (PDF 729KB)
Honda and Our Stakeholders (PDF 649KB)
Corporate Governance (PDF 604KB)
Compliance (PDF 936KB)
Risk Management (PDF 688KB)
Performance Report  
  Environment (PDF 2.0MB)
Safety (PDF 2.4MB)
Quality (PDF 3.0MB)
Human Resources (PDF 1.3MB)
Philanthropy (PDF 2.6MB)
Supply Chain (PDF 2.2MB)
GRI Content Index (PDF 443KB)
Third-Party Verification (PDF 512KB)
Honda Overview (PDF 1.1MB)