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Honda CSR Report 2013

Honda CSR Report 2013
Publishing Policy (PDF 243KB)
Message from the President and CEO (PDF 212KB)
Honda Philosophy and CSR
(PDF 330KB)
A global "mother plant" designed to be people- and Earth-friendly (PDF 815KB)
Passing on Honda's genes to the N (PDF 558KB)
CSR history (PDF 3.3MB)
Communicating with Society (PDF 800KB)
Customers (PDF 2.16MB)
Quality Initiatives (PDF 1.41MB)
Environmental Initiatives
(PDF 280KB)
Safety Initiatives (PDF 815KB)
Local Communities (PDF 2.43MB)
Corporate Governance (PDF 286KB)
Suppliers (PDF 231KB)
Assoicates (PDF 1.39MB)
Shareholders and Investors (PDF 1.01MB)
Disaster relief aid (PDF 271KB)
Company Overview (PDF 535KB)