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Honda CSR Report 2012

Honda CSR Report 2012
Publishing Policy (PDF 137KB)
Message from the President and CEO (PDF 159KB)
Honda Philosophy and CSR
(PDF 205KB)
What CSR means to us (PDF 414KB)
Striving to become No. 1 in fuel economy (PDF 909KB)
Change lives on a worldwide scale (PDF 750KB)
CSR history (PDF 1.03MB)
Customers (PDF 411KB)
Quality Initiatives (PDF 480KB)
Developing Safety Technologies (PDF 242KB)
Environmental Initiatives
(PDF 137KB)
Traffic Safety Education (PDF 381KB)
Local Communities (PDF 423KB)
Corporate Governance (PDF 292KB)
Suppliers (PDF 211KB)
Assoicates (PDF 504KB)
Shareholders and Investors (PDF 953KB)
Disaster relief aid (PDF 178KB)
Company Overview (PDF 169KB)