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Honda CSR Report 2011

Honda CSR Report 2011
Publishing Policy (PDF 131KB)
Honda's View on CSR (PDF 249KB)
Message from the President and CEO (PDF 120KB)
Dealing with the Great East Japan Earthquake
(PDF 103KB)
Special Feature 2011  
  Living with low-carbon mobility (PDF 1.14MB)
Joy of working together based on respect for the individual (PDF 484KB)
Quality and Safety  
  Quality Initiatives (PDF 279KB)
Safety Initiatives
(PDF 232KB)
  Environmental Initiatives (PDF 825KB)
  Customers (PDF 185KB)
Suppliers (PDF   50KB)
Assoicates (PDF 170KB)
Shareholders and Investors (PDF   70KB)
Local Communities (PDF 327KB)
Corporate Governance  
  Corporate Governance (PDF   49KB)
Company Overview  
  Company Overview (PDF   45KB)