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President and Representative Director Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of Honda, I would like to express our gratitude for your cooperation and tremendous support for our activities.

During 2019, we succeeded in bringing joy to approximately 30 million customers worldwide by offering attractive products and services across all our businesses, including motorcycles, automobiles, life creation, aircraft and aircraft engines.

In 2017, we adopted the 2030 Vision. To embody its main statement, "Serve people worldwide with the ‘joy of expanding their life’s potential’," we are currently solidifying our existing businesses and plant seeds for future growth. Then, in 2019, we announced the direction we plan to take over the medium and long terms for initiatives to achieve the 2030 Vision.

Those initiatives are focused mainly on realizing three technologies: 1) carbon-free technology needed to realize a sustainable society; 2) collision-free technology seeking to eliminate collisions; and 3) Honda eMaaS technology to expand life potential.

At Honda, we go beyond promoting the evolution of mobility. We have also been developing relevant technologies in the energy and robotics fields. By connecting the technologies, we have accumulated in these fields with mobility services and our daily lives, we aim to form a business ecosystem that integrates mobility and energy throughout society. For more details, please refer to the section entitled "Direction for Realizing the 2030 Vision" (⇒ p. 18) of this report.

In April 2020, we transformed our operational structure to accelerate our efforts to solidify our existing businesses and plant seeds for future growth. Details are provided in the section entitled "Changes in Operating System in Business Domains and R&D Domains" (⇒ p. 12) of this report.

Under our new operating system, we intend to bolster operations in each domain to achieve "strong products, strong mono-zukuri and strong businesses." At the same time, we will step up our efforts to provide solutions to social issues, which we have been consistently pursuing since our founding. This is how we will seek to achieve sustainable growth and evolution.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought great change to the world, and our corporate activities at Honda are affected in many ways. We expect that the pandemic will continue to shift people’s values significantly, with the potential to remake society.

While the future remains uncertain and hard to forecast, we intend to steadily implement our ongoing initiatives. And in the new post-COVID-19 world we will remain committed to serving people worldwide with the "joy of expanding their life’s potential" through our products and services. That, I believe, is our mission at Honda.

Even at the time of great global change, we will ensure that we achieve our sustainable growth into the future through our focus on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) realm. In this report, we also introduce our initiatives for contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in addition to those taken from an ESG perspective (⇒ p. 25).

At this pivotal moment in history, you can look forward to Honda achieving sustainable growth and evolving together with society.

Honda Philosophy

The Honda Philosophy, imbued in the Company by its founders Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, comprises Fundamental Beliefs (Respect for the Individual and The Three Joys), the Company Principle and Management Policies. The Philosophy forms the values shared by all Honda Group companies and all of their associates. It is the basis for Honda’s corporate activities and associates’ behavior and decision-making.

The Philosophy is more than mere words. Every person in the Company is responsible for continually putting it into practice. That is why Honda incorporates the Philosophy into training programs for its associates and gives it life by turning it into action, from everyday business activities to management decision-making.

Additionally, Honda adheres to a corporate culture of "Free and Open, Challenge, Co-evolution." This means, in other words, "taking up challenges without fear of failure, unshackled by conventional thinking, and with a foundation of teamwork built on trust." Our corporate activities leverage this corporate culture.

Society’s expectations of Honda continue to evolve with the times. As a responsible global company, Honda will continue to tackle and resolve various issues while listening to the voices of its diverse stakeholders, so as to meet their expectations and earn their trust.

Fundamental Beliefs

Respect for the Individual

Initiative means not to be bound by preconceived ideas, but think creatively and act on your own initiative and judgment, while understanding that you must take responsibility for the results of those actions.


Equality means to recognize and respect individual differences in one another and treat each other fairly. Our company is committed to this principle and to creating equal opportunities for each individual. An individual’s race, sex, age, religion, national origin, educational background, and social or economic status have no bearing on the individual's opportunities.


The relationship among associates at Honda should be based on mutual trust. Trust is created by recognizing each other as individuals, helping out where others are deficient, accepting help where we are deficient, sharing our knowledge, and making a sincere effort to fulfill our responsibilities.

The Three Joys
The joy of buying

The joy of buying is achieved through providing products and services that exceed the needs and expectations of each customer.

The joy of selling

The joy of selling occurs when those who are engaged in selling and servicing Honda products develop relationships with a customer based on mutual trust. Through this relationship, Honda associates, dealers and distributors experience pride and joy in satisfying the customer and in representing Honda to the customer.

The joy of creating

The joy of creating occurs when Honda associates and suppliers involved in the design, development, engineering and manufacturing of Honda products recognize a sense of joy in our customers and dealers. The joy of creating occurs when quality products exceed expectations and we experience pride in a job well done.

Company Principle

Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.

Management Policies

– Proceed always with ambition and youthfulness.

– Respect sound theory, develop fresh ideas and make the most effective use of time.

– Enjoy your work and encourage open communications.

– Strive constantly for a harmonious flow of work.

– Be ever mindful of the value of research and endeavor.