Environmental Annual Report 2018 - Japan

Honda's environmental initiatives in Japan in fiscal 2018 are provided below, with links to associated resources and data.

Basic Approach

Honda has manufacturing operations in six regions: North America, South America, Europe, Asia & Oceania, China, and Japan. Each region conducts environmental management based on globally shared principles and policies.

See Honda Sustainability Report 2018 to learn more about our basic approach to environmental sustainability.

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Material Issues in the Environmental Dimension

Honda uses a materiality matrix to bring clarity to the key issues it needs to address globally. Material issues related to the environment are identified within this matrix based on the stakeholders’ perspective.

See the Sustainability Report to learn more about the materiality matrix and how we are addressing our material issues.

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◆ Opens Sustainability Report 2018 PDF  

Environmental Management

We have established the Japan Environmental Committee as the heart of our environmental management organization in Japan. See the links below to learn more about our environmental management organization and processes.

◆ Issued in February 2018

Honda works with its suppliers to reduce environmental impacts and has issued the Honda Green Purchasing Guidelines, environmental management guidelines for suppliers, in order to procure materials and parts that have a smaller footprint.

◆ Revised in October 2018

Efforts to Address Material Issues

For material issues of an environmental nature identified by the materiality matrix, Honda sets and works toward environmental impact reduction targets in a variety of product and operational fields.

See the Sustainability Report to learn more about product initiatives, and the PDF files below to learn more about corporate activities initiatives.

     Responses to Climate Change and Energy Issues

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     Efficient Utilization of Resources

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     Preservation of Clean Air

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Biodiversity Conservation

Honda pays due consideration to biodiversity as another global environmental issue that can be affected by our business.

See Honda Biodiversity Guidelines by following the link below to learn more.

Environmental Data

See the PDF files below for environmental data.

   Environmental data regarding corporate activities