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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. / Komaihaltec Inc. / Romblon Electric Cooperative, Inc.

People on this island are riding electric motorcycles powered by wind-charged swappable batteries. Three companies strived to make it happen.

Charging stations on Romblon island in the Philippines

Charging stations have been set up mainly in the town of Romblon, the population center of Romblon island and the location of most PCX Electric users. Others are positioned north and west of the town and on the opposite, south side of the island.

These locations were decided with the intention of preventing limitations on mobility on the island.

map of  Philippines
Locations of three wind turbines and five Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger charging stations on Romblon island

Swapping the PCX Electric battery


PCX Electric batteries are swapped at any of the Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchangers installed on Romblon island


First, the locking lever is released and the battery pulled out from under the seat


When the Honda Mobile Power Pack is placed on the Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger, a new charged battery is ejected in its place


The charged Honda Mobile Power Pack placed back under the seat and the locking lever is closed to complete the swap


With a battery swapping system, users can fully enjoy riding without worrying about charging wait time or running out of battery life