Honda’s Efforts to Support Essential Workers and People in Need

As with people in many regions throughout the world, the Coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on the people of Europe. This is an extraordinary situation and all sectors of society are being called upon to respond and support efforts against the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this unprecedented environment, Honda’s value is found not only in selling products, but also by earning respect through contributing to people and society. Honda’s business in Europe, as well as other parts of the globe, has benefited from our customers and society. During this difficult period, Honda understands that it is our role to support the people who have been supporting our business for decades.

We have a responsibility to create and send joy to those people who are in need.
The Coronavirus outbreak in Europe varies in intensity by country and each Honda entity in Europe is in close communication with governments and communities to understand local requirements and needs. Honda has taken steps in many markets in Europe to establish activities that support local needs through using Honda’s resources—products, production facilities, dealer network, and associates.

We are supporting local communities through a combination of financial donations to charities and direct support of medical staff in the form of protective equipment, vehicles & power equipment, and much more.


This is an extraordinary situation and all sectors of society are being called upon to respond to and support efforts against the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the severity of the outbreak, the UK has been facing a significant shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) equipment. In support of healthcare workers, Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd. (HUM) decided to take action using our attributes so as to meet the expectation of customers, society and associates.
1. Design and manufacturing PPE items
 - HUM associates designed and manufactured full face masks for NHS and healthcare workers by using 3D printing facilities. More than 200 face masks have been donated.
 - 3D printing Surgical Mask Tension Release Bands
2. Donation of 50,000 PPE items and sanitizers
3. NHS Volunteer Support by associates


Maidstone Honda provides NHS Volunteer Responders with 20 PCX scooters to support care sector.

•Maidstone Honda supplies 20 Honda PCXs to NHS Volunteer Responders
•PCXs to facilitate deliveries of medical supplies and prescriptions
•20-strong fleet to alleviate limited delivery capacity in areas where the most vulnerable are impacted

Maidstone Honda supplies 20 Honda PCX scooters to support NHS Volunteer Responders with pharmaceutical deliveries in the local community, answering the nationwide call to “help the NHS help us” amidst the pandemic.

Keen to lend a hand in these challenging times, Maidstone Honda has registered 20 PCX scooters for deployment by the NHS Volunteer Responders scheme with immediate effect. The best-selling PTW (Powered Two-Wheeler) of 2019 is pressed into service to deliver prescriptions and medical supplies to members of the local community most at risk from the virus, to help them stay well.

Often the default choice for couriers in urban environments, thanks to its slim form, agile dynamics and large underseat storage space, the PCX makes the perfect, easy-riding partner to Community Response volunteers and NHS Transport volunteers tasked with assisting pharmacies in the fulfilment of prescriptions and the transport of medical goods between NHS services and sites.


Neil Fletcher, Head of Motorcycles at Honda UK: “It’s inspiring how quickly 750,000 people signed-up to NHS Volunteer Responders in the UK. I’m delighted to see Maidstone Honda playing its part at this difficult time, despite being closed for regular business. We wholly endorse their decision to supply the scooters to boost all-important delivery capacity in the local community, ensuring those at high-risk receive the supplies they need.”

Harry Pearce, General Manager of Maidstone Honda: “We’ve been a proud member of the local community since 2013 and want to do what we can to lend a hand. Those at high-risk who have been told not to leave their homes for 12 weeks have it doubly tough; they can’t shop for groceries or collect medical prescriptions so depend on volunteers. It’s these volunteers we’re hoping to mobilize with this fleet of PCXs—it’s the least we could do and I really hope it makes a difference.”


Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH, R&D function in Germany, has donated a total of 10,000 euros to local Tafel organisations. Tafel is the public NGO which focuses on providing support and solidarity to people who are in need, through the provision of food and other essential goods.
To support local communities  and people who are affected by Coronavirus, Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH has donated 5,000 euros each to the Offenbach and Hanau Tafel.

This donation was made along with handmade face masks. The masks were provided by grandmothers in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many parts of Japan are facing shortages of face masks, and these grandmothers are sewing masks to give to people who are in need. One of the Japanese associates in R&D has a connection with these grandmothers, and helped arrange for the masks to be sent over to Germany. The face masks were made in various sizes and designs. Honda associates decided to share these masks with the Tafel who are working on the frontline in Germany to support people who are in need.


Comments from Patrik Ponec:

We as a team feel very proud being part of a company that is ready to take action, even though it’s also affected by the coronavirus situation. As a whole team, we have been living the Honda philosophy, intuitively and with confidence. Our associates fully supported the activity and gave positive feedback for this proactive and honest support.
In difficult times like this, we can feel the power of our unique Honda culture, and the people working as one team around the world. This will help us to achieve our ultimate goal of being a company which society wants to exist.