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Honda Social Activity

Since the Company was founded, Honda has sought to contribute to society and customers by creating quality products and technologies while coexisting harmoniously with the communities that host its operations. In the 1960s, while the Company was still in a period of early growth, Honda began to launch philanthropic initiatives designed to strengthen ties with local communities.
 Currently, Honda undertakes various social activities in the six regions of the Company’s worldwide operations, aiming to share joy with people all around the world and to become a company society wants to exist. Honda also strives to support initiatives that reflect local circumstances in its corporate activities overseas. In order to be able to share joy, Honda will continue to pursue various social activities while communicating with customers and local residents.

Regional Activities

Regional Activities

Basic Approach

Honda establishes foundational principles and global directions that represent its basic approach toward social activities. These clearly stated principles and directions demonstrate the Company’s determination to passionately take part in activities related to educational, environmental, community and traffic safety initiatives that will help create a future society in which everyone can pursue their dreams.
 Honda pursues a variety of activities in six regions, taking advantage of its unique management resources in line with these principles and directions. In addition, these activities are aligned with the contents and goals of international discussions such as SDGs.

Basic principles and
directions of Honda philanthropy


Honda Philanthropy: Vision

Honda enriches joy for people around the world through socially responsible activities in accordance with the Honda Philosophy of Respect for the Individual and the Three Joys. Ultimately, it is our desire that society will want Honda to exist in every community.

Honda Philanthropy: Basic principles

●As a company with a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to contributing to the well-being of local communities around the world through our products and technologies.
●As a good corporate citizen, Honda will deepen its commitment to all local communities where it does business.
●Honda will contribute to the nurturing of a society where caring and energetic individuals actively participate in socially responsible activities.

Global directions

Striving to create a future society in which everyone can pursue their dreams, Honda shall:
●Support educating our youth for the future
●Work to preserve global environments
●Promote traffic safety through education and training

Social activity data

Expenditure related to social activities


How the contribution breaks down



● Period covered
This report focuses primarily on the activities undertaken during FY2018 (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018)