Smart Community Related Products


Power Exporter 9000

Power Exporter 9000 is an inverter that can easily connect to an electrified vehicle (EV/PHEV/FCV) with an external power output function to provide electricity for electrical appliances. It can be used as a source of electrical power in case of emergency such as disaster or power outage as well as in daily life for outdoor events.


Honda's original Power Creator is a compressor-less, high differential pressure electrolyzer system. From the electric power of renewable energies, manufacturing, storage, and recharging of low-carbon, high pressurized hydrogen gas is possible. And by utilizing the energies specific to certain regions such as electrical power from solar power, power generated from regional waste, and bioenergy, local production for local consumption can be realized.

Power Manager

Honda Power Manager is a wall mounted inverter that can not only supply electricity to EV's from residential or public facilities (schools, community centers, etc.), but also enables EV's or FCV's to supply electricity back to those facilities.


Honda Biz LINC

Honda Biz LINC is a cloud-based solution service that uses the GPS of smartphones and tablets and assists in increasing the efficiency of small vehicles (2-wheeler or light trucks) in short-distance commuting.


Have you ever experienced trouble choosing a store while driving? Within a 10km radius of your car's location, ROAD HINTS can find stores with parking lots or provide the facilities information, and send the information to your car navigation system and smartphone in real time while driving.



The fuel cell vehicle, which is the ultimate in clean performance, contains a fuel cell that takes in hydrogen and oxygen creating a chemical reaction that generates electricity. This electricity is what runs the motor. With zero carbon emissions, realizing the ultimate in clean performance, emitting only water.


The FIT EV is an electric vehicle with a constant pursuit of using electricity without waste, improving energy efficiency, and joy of driving of a car. Our wish to make a more fun and convenient electric vehicle that does not use gasoline and/or emit CO2 while running is packed in this EV.

Honda MBEV

The short-distance commuting mobility MBEV. In the rear end socket are some removable mobile batteries installed, and those batteries can easily be carried. During emergencies, it can be used as power for other electrical devices, a new feature of the EV.


The Monpal ML200 4-wheel electric scooter was developed to provide senior citizens and other individuals that are unable to walk for a long period of time with secure and comfortable personal mobility. The Monpal has a maximum speed of 6 km/h, and can be operated legally on pedestrian sidewalks without a license.
The Monpal allows elderly individuals that were reluctant to go out because of their inability to walk, to dramatically expand their range of activity. This is why many people have high expectations for this unit in light of the graying of society. 


Personal mobility designed to move forward, backward, side-to-side, and diagonally similar to human walking with a compact size that fits between your legs.
As you can move simply by shifting body weight towards the intended direction, both hands are free to do anything.

Walking Assist Device

Using cooperative technology, a unique Honda innovation focusing on human walking similar to the development of ASIMO, cooperative control is carried out based on information from hip angle sensors while walking, enabling optimal assist from the motor controlled by the CPU. Compared to when not worn, it is possible to have a wider stride, making it easier to walk.

※The above products are for lease sales to companies and local governments, or products in the feasibility study phase (Monpal excluded).